The GCA Conference is an important research, social and political world-scale event. Being held one year in one country, the 8-th GCA Conference is to take place in Russia, Pyatigorsk.

The participants of the 8-th GCA Conference “Communicating through the universe” will
- discuss the topical problems of global communication on the level of conceptual analysis in intercultural, cross-cultural spheres,
- consider communication functioning in multi-code space,
- interpret modes of communication in media, business, politics, education, Internet, debate global communication and dialogue of civilizations,
- analyze the challenges and opportunities of communication in the modern age.
The participants of the 8-th GCA Conference are scientists and researchers, public figures and politicians, media persons.

Alongside with the plenary sessions supported by online connection with the researchers of different universities, there will be master-classes, round-table talks, presentations, etc.

We look forward to meeting you in Russia, Pyatigorsk.
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