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International scientific journal "Global Media Journal"

International scholarly journal “Global Media” was first appeared in the global network in the USA in autumn of 2002.

The founder of the International scholarly journal “Global Media”, its American Edition and the driving force behind the creation of all the national editions is Yahya R. Kamalipour, Ph.D. (Communication), Professor of mass media and international communication, Head of the Department of Communication and Creative Arts at Purdue University Calumet (USA), founder of the Global Communication Association, co-editor of Journal of Globalization for the Common Good.

Being a recognized world scholar in communication research and studies, Yahya R. Kamalipour “has delivered invited speeches in every continent, been interviewed by numerous global media, and published 14 books, including Global Communication (2nd edition) and most recently, Media, Power, and Politics in the Digital Age: The 2009 Iranian Presidential Election Uprising in Iran” (Source: Wikipedia).

Since 2002 the GMJ has gained the reputation of the journal aimed at cooperating with scholars involved in international research of communication. The GMJ has created numerous editions in different countries with published and on-line versions. The GMJ continues its prompt development.

The specificity of International scholarly journal “Global Media”.
- Has American, Australian, Arabic, African, Brazilian, Indian, Iranian, Canadian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Mexican, German, Pakistan, Polish, Turkish, Russian editions.
- Is advised by an editorial board of prominent International сommunication scholars.
- Has national editions (characterized by individual ISSNs) with independent Editors and Editorial Boards of noted leading scholars in communication sphere.
- Publishes refereed papers, invited papers, and book reviews.
- Publishes commentaries about issues pertaining to communication, media and globalization.
- Continues to expand and add new editions around the globe.
- Is included in prominent indexes and lists throughout the world.

The aim of International scholarly journal “Global Media - Russian Edition” (GMJ-RU) is to present the research treating the tendencies and topical problems of global media development within communication framework, globalization processes in different genres of communication including media, new communication technologies, communication importance and media role in governance, ethnocultural specificity of global media issues, propaganda of media role and impact, other aspects of global communication.

The GMJ-RU has online and printed versions.

Frequency of the GMJ-RU is semi-annual, autumn and spring.

Copyright is the authors’ intellectual property, but at the same time the authors allow the GMJ-RU Editorial Board to publish their research articles (in electronic and printed forms).

Acceptance for submission for publication in GMJ-RU is done on the base of decision-making process of the Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board. The views expressed in the GMJ-RU may not coincide with the views of the Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board.

The registration of GMJ-RU electronic edition on the site of Pyatigorsk State University strengthens high authority of the university, its image component, international research contacts development.

The International scholarly journal “Global Media-Russian Edition” invites scholars and researchers dealing with communication and media field to cooperate.

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